I'm Your Nytmayre

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Fear me...but follow.

I come from humble beginnings, like I believe all true Dominants should.  I began as a slave, on my knees, aching to make my Owner proud of me. 

Today, I'm a better Domme because of it.  Hundreds of sessions.  Thousands of hours, learning, devising, practicing.  I'm not your typical Domme, a session with me is never rushed, or "scripted" feeling.

I am strictly a service oriented Domme, this means during all sessions with me, you can expect me to remain fully clothed.

I enjoy all aspects of the kink lifestyle, from soft bondage, to extreme scenes.  I am a veteran to the body modification industry, equipped with a completed Certificate of Apprenticeship for Piercing, as well as scarification and branding, I am also capable of dermal implants and non surgical castration.  All of these things can be done in a sterile session with a waiver.

Some of the pleasures and pains I enjoy inflicting upon the willing subject are, and certainly not limited to:

Foot Worship(foot fetishes in general)
Boot/Shoe Worship
Body Worship
Forced Bi
Forced CD
Strapon Domination
Violet Wands
Contract Slavery
Urethral Sounding
Sensory Deprivation
Play Piercing
Permanent Piercing
Dermal Implants
Non Surgical Castration
Pony Training
Puppy/Kitten Training
Pursuit, Capture, Takedown
Fin Domme
Online Sessions are currently UNAVAILABLE

I'm also happy to sell panties, stockings, or other items I wear in or out of sessions.  I do accept gifts off my wish lists, to be worn, pictures taken, and the items sent off to you.  If you'd like a specific item, let me know so I can add it to my wish list for your purchase.

I do offer multiple slave sessions, I will see women, and have the ability to set up multi-Domme sessions. 

Hard limits:


I wear nitrile gloves for any sessions where fluids will be present.  Allergies are easily addressed since no latex is used, ever.  All toys are thoroughly cleaned before and after a session,  and vinyl condoms used on all insertables.  I use water based lubricants, and silicone, glass, or metal insertables. 

I ask that prior to a session you prepare yourself accordingly:  enemas, stretching, showering etc. The cleaner you are, the more invasive I am and can be.

Feel free to contact me with any questions below. I'm absolutely open to any type of atmosphere, and anything that will push your limits, and am fairly negotiable. 

Miss Nytmayre

  Want to see more?  Visit my clips4sale store at: 


Should you wish to send me a gift or bring one for a session not listed in my wish lists, here is some information to help you best select it:

Height: 5' tall

Measurements: 36DD(natural)/28/41

Shoe size: 7.5/8

I love lace, veggie leather, PVC, vinyl, velvet, boots, heels, spiral steel corsets.  I enjoy clothing that evokes a goth, lolita, or cyber feel to it.

Gifts of tattooing time or gift certificates for Laughing Buddha, or Deep Roots are always welcome.  Gear from the shops I have linked in my links section.  Consumables like water based lubes, nitrile gloves, non latex condoms, play and non play piercing needles are appreciated.


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